Recommendations to Create an Excellent Award Delivery Plan For You

When rewarding your employees for their invaluable effort, you gotta do it right.

October 3, 2023

When rewarding your employees for their invaluable effort, you gotta do it right. It’s important to create an ideal plan so that they feel valued in the work area. Otherwise, this will have a negative effect that may affect your business in the long run.

If you need help with this, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these tips to make sure you do your best when it comes to delivering awards. This will positively influence your company. Now, let’s start with the recommendations.

What you should do:-

Make things clear

When you’re awarding someone, let the criteria of that award be known. You have to make things clear. This gives extra motivation for your employees. Also, it avoids any suspicion of favoritism.

Allow recommendations

To introduce some life and creativity to the award process make sure to take your employees’ thoughts into account.  A very good idea would be to let them give some personal recommendations. You may find out many positive things that often go unnoticed by management.

A fair award

Try to avoid generalization in the awards. The most common title is “Employee of the Year”, yes, but it’s circumstantial. Despite being the most popular, it may not be the most suitable. It depends on each company. The safest option is to reward each department individually because this avoids excluding someone.

Recognize everyone

Of course, you can’t give prizes to everyone. However, it’s very important to recognize the effort of each employee. Something as simple as words of encouragement can have a very big impact. This will certainly benefit the company.

Try to make it relatable

This means, try to make the awards ceremony more personal. Things like engraving the employee’s achievements in the trophy is a very good idea. If it can be delivered personally, even better.

What you should not do:-

Do not rotate the prize

Be honest when delivering an award. If each employee has the opportunity to receive one, it takes away the value of the trophy. It doesn’t look sincere and it lacks effort. Avoid this at all costs.

Don’t take too long

Do not give prizes at the end of the year. It does not have the same recognition effect. If an employee is having his best moment at the beginning of the year don’t reward it at the end. Also, it denotes little interest. If you’re going to reward someone, do it right away.

Do not divide

Avoid delivering very general prizes. As previously mentioned in this article, something like “Employee of the Year” is not always good.  It can be very divisive. Instead, focus on delivering more specific prizes. Thus you are recognizing exactly the effort of your workers.

There are many options that you can take into account to create an excellent award delivery plan. You have to make an effort and take some interest to be inclusive and fair. With these tips, you will succeed when delivering trophies. At Crystal Arc we have the best options in design and materials.

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