Get Ready for The International Golf Day

This May first we will be celebrating the international golf day. As the favorite sport for networking, golf plays an important role in the corporate world.

October 3, 2023

This May first we will be celebrating the international golf day. As the favorite sport for networking, golf plays an important role in the corporate world. That means May 1st is the perfect opportunity to dust off your clubs.  Some people will tell you to visit the club and meet people there, others might tell you to invite that client your chasing. We will do you one better, the international golf day is the perfect time for you to host a friendly tournament.

First, a little history about this day. The origin of golf day is shrouded in mystery, however, there are two leading theories. The first dates back to 1916 when the first professional tournament was held. The second says it’s because the use of a tubular steel golf club shaft was allowed in a championship for the first time on May 1st. Whichever you’d like to believe, Golf Day is a long-standing tradition. Take advantage of it.

The Perfect Networking Event

You should definitive hit the golf course this May 1st. Golf is a quiet and slow-paced sport, the perfect excuse to discuss business. However, a golf tournament hosted by your brand is an amazing networking opportunity. Leverage the tradition of this event by putting a spotlight on your business. That’s the perfect opportunity to get all the important people you want to network with on the same place.

Such an event will bring a lot of perks. You will spend quality time with your clients, it’s a great way to thank them for their business. It will bring a lot of awareness to your brand, your social media will go crazy. Plus, it will let you create a lot of content for your future promotions. Doing it on Golf Day will make it even better, people will be looking for an excuse to play.

The best part is that clubs are used to hosting tournaments, planning will be extremely simple. With people to invite and the venue ready, all you need to worry about is the prize. A tournament is not complete without a proper trophy. You need to choose a memento to mark your event. Here are our favorite picks.

Arms of The Golfer

You can’t go wrong with a Golf themed trophy. That will create a strong bond between the event and the prize, it’s golf day after all. You want to do all you can to get people in the mood of this tradition.

A Cup

The majesty of a golden cup will make your event feel bigger. The pristine ornamentation will leave competitors and viewers in owe. If you want an elegant competition, a cup is a great choice for the prize.


Another great choice, especially if you’d like to decorate second and third places. Medals are closely bound to sportsmanship, and they are a very flexible award.

Custom Logo Trophy

The main reason to host the tournament is networking and brand awareness. Using your logo as the trophy will give you a lot of great exposure. Plus, it will make for outstanding marketing material.

Those are our top picks, but, please feel free to browse our collection. Take a virtual tour of our gallery - We wish you a great time and a lot of luck for this Golf Day.

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